A sand based interface to manipulating sound

Project detail
Coding, physical computing

Janel Wong, Tyler Gumb, Yue Yuan Lilian

My role
User testing, model making, 3D modeling


Project Overview

What is Sandwav?

Our aim was to create a interface that allow users to find pleasure and escape in manipulating sound.  To achieve this we combine the tactile experience of playing with sand with a joyful exploration of sound. SANDWAV allows you to control music by reshaping sand. Begin by placing sand onto the white elevated platform, the sound change when you move with the sand, and clear sound by removing sand on the platform. 


process & user testing



Final design



Demonstration video



Open house IXD

SANDWAV was displayed at the Open House IxD 2016 of School of Visual Art


SVA gallery

SANDWAV was selected to display at the SVA Gallery 2017.