Project overview

Poster Series For Better Design Practice 

In our Professional Practice class (taught by Munawar Ahmed), we were asked to design a poster series to imbue good design habits in an office setting. 

Project : Design a series of 5 posters and pick a habit of your choice, visualize with words, graphics or your choice of medium.

Team : Tyler Gumb and Ning Xu.

Time : 1 week

My role : I was responsible for the design system, all the visuals for the 5 posters and I was also part of the content creation.



Sketch & Concept 

Image uploaded from iOS (3) copy.jpg

The design system

Our concept is based on a system of 5 circles, each circle represents the ethnics of a designer in larger context. The larger the circle the larger the group will be.

Here are the contexts at each layers.

1st Layer : As an individual designer

2nd Layer : As a co-worker in an organization ( 1:1 interaction )

3rd Layer : As a team member in a team 

4th Layer : As an employee in an organization ( interactions with your manager )

5th Layer : As a creator in the society 

With this system, we came up with 5 different posters that focuses on the use case in each context. 


Final design

Good habits in different context  

Our final design is a series of 5 posters focuses on the good habits/practices in different context as a designer. The goal of the series aimed to act as a reminder for we designers to maintain good design ethnics in an organization or the society.

all posters-01-01.png

Mock Ups


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