Sentiment analysis with Waston API

Project Detail

Coding, Python, Processing, Product design, Physical computing


Janel Wong, Tyler Gumb, Nour Malaeb

My Role

Research, making, idea generating



What is Intendo?

Intendo is a device that demonstrates how artificial intelligence interprets human language in terms of emotions.


Our goal 

Educate people about how AI works.

In a world increasingly reliant on AI, knowing that what we said can be interpreted not only for what it means but also for how the AI thinks we are feeling is essential to remain in control (or at least in awareness) of what you are communicating to AI.

Measure the general emotional landscape of a group of people.

You interact with Intendo by speaking to it, and it responds with an emotional analysis of what you said. The dominant emotions are represented by 5 thermal printers, one for each emotion. The emotion interpreted the most often by the AI will be visible by the physical length of the paper hanging from the corresponding thermal printer.


How does Intendo works? 

We programmed the machine with Arduino with Python to transfer speech to text, and use IBM Waston API to analyze the text to sentiment analysis. The 5 printers represent each sentiment which are Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust. Your wish is printed accordingly and you will receive a token of your analysis.

We think this could be a way for us to learn how AI learn about how we feel and how it works as an AI, as we will be communicating with AI in our daily life.  

Input : IR Proximity sensor to wake Intendo > Button to activate Recording > Microphone to speak

Output : RGB led to indicate status (Recording, receiving, loading) > 5 emotions thermal printers  + 1 main thermal printer