Project overview

Redesign CPC calendar page

Project: For this project, our goal is to help CPC (Central Park Conservancy) to research on the pain-points of the current website and provide insight about how they could iterate and build upon.

Solution: A redesign proposal of the Calendar home page based on our user research. 

Timeline: 3 months

Team members: Amy Ashida, Ashely Jang, Kinjal Shah

Stakeholder: Central Park Conservancy

My role: I conducted user interviews, field study and affinity diagramming. After understand the user goal, I created high fidelity UI from wireframes and created the visual design of the final home page and mobile app. 


the problem

Not meeting people where they are


This is the current website.

download (2).jpeg

Currently the calendar of events at is hard to navigate, use and is a pain-point for users, including supporters of the park. The online Calendar of Events needs to change to meet the organizational goals. 

"People use the CPC website as checkpoint, but it is not a primary aspect or very reflective of their relationship with the Park."

Project goals

Based on the interview with our stakeholder, the senior web manager Libbie Hayward, we established our design and project goals for the calendar of events page. 

  • Attract more visitors to the events (A more meaningful visit to the park)
  • Increase in fundraising 
  • Increase in tour revenue


Understanding the users

We applied different research methods in order understand user personas and their pain point in using the calendar page. 

Here are some of the questions we want to know:

  • How is the content on the Calendar page used? 
  • How do people plan their visit to the Park? Do they plan using the website or other social media property? 
  • Should events be integrated more broadly across the site? 


We screened participants via a live-intercept invitation and questionnaire and qualified based on residential proximity to the Park (within a 12-block radius) and likeliness to support.


Using as a tool to recruit participants based of how well they meet the screening criteria.


Including users interview through Skype and in-person stakeholder interview.


Analyze in total 10 users data by doing affinity diagramming and created personas.



research insights

Identify user goal

"I want to look for dog events here, but I couldn't find that."

After our research, we identified that the current page is difficult to navigate, but more importantly, most of the people we interviewed didn't know that page exist. Some of them visited the page the first time when we interviewed them. The goal of the Calendar of Events page should be helping users to find events quickly and discover future events at the Park.

As Central Park already have their social media page, and people are aware of that. For the Calendar page, we decided to focus on helping user to find and discover events. 


Ideation process

Wireframe & Prototypes

After doing user interviews and synthesizing findings, we realized users are coming to the website to look for one thing, so a clear search bar is key for them. We created 2 prototypes which consist of 2 different features but under the same concept of having a search bar on top for users to search for specific events.

Option 1: showing date, events list and detail of the event all at the same time.

Option 2: showing the map with the event icon. 



Option 1 : Calendar, event, detail on one horizontal view

Option2 : Including map view


A higher fidelity version of Option 1. 

search bar.jpg

Key Takeaways

Users need specific information

One of the main takeaways we learned from our research was that users who landed on the calendar page were most likely looking for specific thing. User will search on Google then land on the calendar page for more information.

Everyday users are looking for alerts and closure. 

After gathered more research, we found that some users were using the park as a daily commute, they would like to know the alerts and closures in the park as well.  We decided to incorporate this information as well, to make the page as the one destination for all the important events happening in the Park. 


design principles

Defining core values

After user research and user testings, we have finalized 4 values that are required for meeting our user's goal - finding specific events and getting information quickly. Also we have considered to meet the business goal - increase users flow and donation revenue by providing more park updates to engage visitors. 

centralpark design-01.jpg

The solution

Meeting people where they are


Home page

Instead of emphasizing the calendar functionality of the page, we changed the design into focusing on new events and park news by showing more images.

Here is a walk-through of different features based on the 4 design principles we defined.  


1. Share

Connect to social media

We found that a lot of people comes to the CPC website from Google or other website, and they found the events on social media. And they decided on going to an event with friends or family. So having the options to share the event details on their social media will be a good way to attract traffic and they can discover more events through the highlights.


2. Better Engagement

Be in the loop

Central Park is called the backyard of New Yorkers, everyone loves it but currently there is no way to engage or guide to encourage people to connect to the organization. Knowing the updates of events and their work can let people be more connected to the  park and eventually lead to donation. 


3. Personalize

Customized your notification

From our research we found that a lot of people use park in a different ways. Some wants to get update with dog events or some regular visitors would like to know about the alerts and under construction area. So we created an option to customize their own preference to get notifications.


4. on the go

Mobile app

From our stakeholder interview, we found that about 55% of users go to the site from mobile, so we also create the mobile version of the site for user to check out alerts and events on the go. 


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