the beginning

Kickstarter project

kickstarter image.jpg

The project started with the curiosity of creating a surreal world to explore how we interact with inanimate objects and everyday surfaces.



Here is the mood board we created overtime for inspiration.



Goal of the project

The goal is to raise $5000 in 2 weeks and our project is successfully funded in April. It was awarded with Kickstarter Favorite project. 


We imagine it could be a pop up event at a gallery space combining art and installations.


Prototype process

In our prototype, we had explored different ways to interact with surface and texture.

We documented our brainstorming and testing process on Medium. 

"Story is the experience not VR"   Go to article >

"If you see it, you can touch it"     Go to article >




AVRA experience

Here are some highlight interaction in the experience.



mirror (1).gif








NYC Media Lab demo day 2017

We participated in the NYC Media Lab's Demo Day on Thursday, September 28. We got some good responses from the attendees, and met some interesting folks. 

It was challenging for us to re-build the experience with new pros and shrink down to a tiny space.


Goethe Institute in Beirut | Lebanon

We partnered with the Goethe Institute, a German cultural institute with an office in Lebanon, to have our Kickstarter version of AVRA shown at the opening party for their new location. It was a challenge setting it up from all the way here in New York, but we got it done and heard good things from the attendees. 


AVRA demo day | New York

For our backers, we had done a demo day invited our backers to be part of the developing and creative process. We got some great feedback from our backers. We got a chance to meet different people in the industry that are interested in the intersection of art and technology. 


Final Showcase

We showcased our project at the Living Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

Find more details about the event here

The setup at the gallery space in New York.